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Free Quilt Blocks and Patterns


Since I'm giving away all of my quilting patterns for FREE, please read and follow these simple rules. Thanks!

These quilt blocks were all designed by Carrie Luhmann Pieniozek and are free for you to download for yourself and others. You may use these patterns for teaching purposes as well. However, they may not be sold or kitted. You may not claim to have designed the patterns as they appear on this site. Although certain patterns such as the Churn Dash are public domain, I hold a copyright for all of the work on this website, including the specific drawing of the pattern, the written instructions, etc. Do not link directly to these files or put them on your website. If you want visitors to your website to see these patterns, please link to this website.

Select a quilt block below and click on it. You will be taken to a page where you can view the pattern, several color combinations, suggested block layouts, and general directions. For best results, print out that page for future reference. A color printer is helpful but not necessary. Then click on the link to the quilt pattern itself. This will open on a new page and you can either print the pattern out or save it on your computer to print later. Because computers and printers will not be able to print out blocks that are larger than a sheet of paper, you may wish to enlarge these designs with a copy machine. Most quilters prefer to use blocks up to 12 inches square, but these patterns had to be made smaller in order for them to print out for you. If you do wish to enlarge the designs, remember to enlarge them all at the same size if you will be mixing and matching them together. All of these patterns are exactly the same size, so doing this is easy. After you have the pattern printed the size you want it, you will need to make the templates. Do not forget to add the 1/4 inch seam allowance to each piece! The amount of fabric you will need to complete these blocks depends on the number of blocks you will be constructing and the size you make the pattern.




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